Sunsetting Gems
Sunsetting Gems was founded in 2017. The intention is to give people something to wear and hold that is as beautiful as a fleeting sunset. Sunsetting Gems creates fine jewelry focused on gemstones set in precious metals. Handmade in New York City. Designed and created by Harrison Christy.  
About the owner
When a friend asked to buy one of my first pendants I was only making jewelry for fun. Astonished that someone wanted to buy one of my first handmade jewelry pieces, I sold the sterling silver tektite pendant even though it wasn't for sale. This was when I started making jewelry in 2012. Discovering gems and minerals was the inspiration to start. Inspired by the nature where I grew up in Easton, CT, the idea of wearing nature fascinated me. Having already created a few clothing brands it flowed into starting one for jewelry.
To develop the work for the brand I attended New Approach School for Jewelers in Franklin, TN. After getting certified as a jeweler at New Approach, I attended engraving classes at GRS and continued to learn new skills such as wax carving and 3D CAD. 
- Harrison Christy